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Uli Jon Roth - Tokyo Tapes Revisited (2016) Blu-Ray 1080i

Uli Jon Roth - Tokyo Tapes Revisited (2016) Blu-Ray 1080i


01 - All Night Long (Uli Jon Roth)
02 - Longing For Fire (Rudolf Schenker)
03 - Crying Days (Rudolf Schenker)
04 - Sails Of Charon (Uli Jon Roth)
05 - The Sun In My Hands (Uli Jon Roth)
06 - Virgin Killer (Uli Jon Roth)
07 - Kojo No Tsuki (Rentaro Taki)
08 - We'll Burn The Sky (Rudolf Schenker)
09 - In Trance (Rudolf Schenker)
10 - Rainbow Dream Prelude (Uli Jon Roth)
11 - Fly To The Rainbow (Michael Schenker)
12 - Top Of The Bill (Rudolf Schenker)
13 - I've Got To Be Free (Uli Jon Roth)
14 - Polar Nights (Uli Jon Roth)
15 - Dark Lady (Uli Jon Roth)
16 - Pictured Life (Rudolf Schenker)
17 - Catch Your Train (Rudolf Schenker)
18 - All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan)
19 - Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix)

About: One of rock’n’roll’s most venerated guitar Gods, Uli Jon Roth, will be releasing a very special live performance from the Nakano Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo, Japan on December 2nd 2016 through UDR Music, titled Tokyo Tapes Revisited - Live In Japan. The performance is a celebration of Roth’s classic work with The Scorpions, and was recorded on February 20th 2015 at the same venue as the band’s classic 1978 live album Tokyo Tapes. Roth was a founding member of The Scorpions in 1973 before leaving to pursue a solo career in 1978 with his own Electric Sun. As the recognized creative heartbeat of The Scorpions, Roth achieved worldwide fame for his unique guitar and song-writing talents, in turn causing him to influence a plethora of modern guitar giants such as Kirk Hammett of Metallica, Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins and Steve Vai. Tokyo Tapes Revisited - Live In Japan will be released in four different formats.
Product 1 - video & audio recording of Roth’s Tokyo concert in a BluRay digipak containing one BluRay video disc and two audio CDs.
Product 2 - The same as Product 1 only in a DVD digipak.
Product 3 - A digital audio copy of the Tokyo concert.
Product 4 - a super-deluxe boxset, limited to 800 copies. It will be a proper, lid-off shell box containing 4 heavyweight vinyl LPs of Roth’s 2015 Scorpions Revisited release which has never been released on vinyl. There will also be an 80-page, gatefold, hardcover 12” book which will house 8 discs - 1 BluRay concert main-feature, 1 bonus BluRay disc (which will contain the original footage from the first Japanese Scorpions Tour 1978, shot personally by Uli on his Super 8 Camera), 2 audio CDs of the main Tokyo concert and 4 bonus audio CDs of Roth’s Osaka and Nagoya dates on the same Japanese tour.

Source:  Ultra Records
Genre:  Hard Rock
Quality:  Blu-Ray | 1080i
Format:  M2TS | 24.7Mbps
Length:  02:27:40 | 29.7Gb
Video:  H.264 | 1920x1080i | 16:9 | 29.970fps
Audio 1:  LPCM | 1536kbps | 48kHz | 2 channels: L R
Audio 2:  AC3 | 224kbps | 48kHz |  6 channels: Front: L C R, Surround: L R, LFE
Language:  English

pass: galexandersHD

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